Don’t Let Yellow Pages Back You into a Corner

With old scams resurrected, and trolls unleashing new nasty tricks into the wild, it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s a spoof.

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With old scams resurrected, and trolls unleashing new nasty tricks into the wild, it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s a spoof. Fraudsters, and even businesses large and small have used — fear, uncertainty, and doubt — to move the needle. Yellow Pages are at the centre of several trending scams and should be considered a place to tread cautiously.

Shady marketing techniques aside, Yellow Pages is logically unfit for modern outreach, demanding transparency, instant communication, and deliverability. As a business, you have a multitude of choices to reach your ideal prospects, from email marketing to ad networks to social media. Don’t let Yellow Pages control your fate and push you into a corner with their heavy-handed tactics. If you still find our warning about Yellow Pages overblown, enlisted here are five false promises made by Yellow Pages: promises you should double-check before you fall for them:

1. The Only Authorized Google Ads Reseller in Canada:

Google is a mammoth that sits at the heart of the search engine industry. It’s ads are displayed in search results as well as on third-party sites.Google ads are among the most effective at driving results and generating revenue for your businesses.

Often the pitch of a Yellow Pages representative goes, ”Canadian businesses can’t afford to ignore the online universe, and we’re here to help.” It appears to be a logical strategy. Unfortunately, this isn’t true. Yellow Pages isn’t the only authorized Google reseller in Canada and it’s certainly not the best. There aren’t any significant differences between their advertising packages or the leads they generate against those offered by other Google Partners. In fact, if you want to get the best from Google, you’re better off looking for a reseller with expertise in Google products (and SEO!) to guide you to more effective ways of spending your dollars.

2. Paid Listing on the Yellow Pages Helps Improve Your Organic Reach:

Paying Yellow Pages for advertising your business’ local listing isn’t going to help your organic search rankings. A paid Yellow Pages’ listing is guaranteed to give your business a premier position on the Yellow Pages website  but will never influence your organic position on Google, or any other search engine. Why?

Because Google has its own ranking methodology that is updated frequently. Google continues to put an emphasis on quality of content along with Google’s Internal algorithm, which calculates more than 200 factors to determine which site ranks at the top. Yellow Pages has never had, and never will have, control over Google’s algorithm. Regardless of what a Yellow Pages representative tells you, in order to rank higher in Google, you have to deliver high-quality content and provide high-quality products and services. Plus you will need to create a strong network of correct listings on the web, not specifically one overpaid listing on Yellow Pages.

3. Yellow Pages Get More Visitors Than Google:

This is the most absurd myth told by Yellow Page representatives. Yellow Pages isn’t the go-to resource for your prospects. Google is the place where you, our grandparents, and I go to find answers. Yellow Pages is just a directory, but Google is the gateway to everything. It’s a myth used to justify Yellow Pages’ heavy-handed tactics and disregard of the realities of the modern marketplace.

For businesses operating online or offline, Google can bring you more visitors than Yellow Pages and qualified traffic that would want to buy or contact you. Google has all the hallmarks of a great search engine and continues to develop features, tools and functionalities that can help all types of businesses increase their visibility and competitive edge. Therefore, optimizing your online business and presence for Google should be a no-brainer when you’re trying to boost your sales and profits.

4. We Know the Inside Scoop on Google:

If a Yellow Pages’ representative pitches you with anything close to, ‘We know the many strategies to make your website appear on Google,’ it is at best an empty sales pitch. Google is a multi-billion dollar company that generates billions in advertising and is not dependent on any third party company to drive up their sales or provide its customers with superior service.

What Yellow Pages’ representatives are referring to is “pay-per-click” (PPC). It’s a paid advertising program which enables businesses like yours to give their websites higher visibility on Google results pages. It usually comes with a set monthly budget and gives brands a chance to promote their products or services on the top of the search result for certain keywords. It is something you can do yourself, or Cutting Edge Digital Marketing can do for you. Thereby helping you save not only money but also navigate the online maze more efficiently.

5. If You Cancel Your Ad with Us, Your Google Ranking Will Decrease:

Yellow Pages has no say in Google’s ranking system. Yes, Google is the big boss, but even a large company like Google doesn’t own your website. Instead, they have developed their own algorithm to determine key elements that will determine where it will appear in Google search results. So, before you strike a deal with Yellow Pages, ask them to show you the evidence supporting this claim.

Trust us; they will never have any proof to support this claim. In fact, there’s plenty of evidence to the contrary: Clients who searched for “Yellow Pages scam” will discover a number of websites that have exposed this claim as false.

How to Cancel Your Yellow Pages Subscription:

1. Check Your Contract:

Most Yellow Pages users aren’t aware of the clauses cleverly hidden within contracts, known as auto-renewals, that automatically renew your subscription. Further, the Terms and Conditions states that you need to give Yellow Pages at least three months’ notice before cancelling your account. This could lead to a significant delay before you can say goodbye to the directory, and save money that could be better spent elsewhere.

2. Contact Better Business Bureau:

If you are still feeling dissatisfied, or if nothing seems to be working, contact Better Business Bureau. Better Business Bureau will further forward your complaint to Yellow Pages and its parent company. Hopefully, this may work in your favour.

3. Call 1-844-875-4290:

If you can’t reach a representative by calling Yellow Pages themselves, try calling Yellow Pages customer service department at 1-844-875-4290. They’ll transfer you to a real person and not an automated system who should facilitate the cancellation process.

4. Contact CBC Marketplace:

If you are not able to cancel the subscription on your own, and if you are completely uncomfortable doing business with them, contact the CBC Marketplace to share your story and voice your concerns.

5. Ask Cutting Edge Digital Marketing For Help:

If you feel as if the steps above are too much or you don’t have time to deal with Yellow Pages yourself you can reach out to our team for help. Your interests are our top priority and we will do everything in our power to help.

5. Leave them an honest review:

If all else fails and you are not getting anywhere, leave them an honest review. Don’t be malicious and exagerate what may have happened or what you are going through. That won’t help you in the long run. Leaving an honest review is a good way to get their attention and hopefully will be enough to escalate the issue to a manager or someone else at Yellowpages. BBB, Trustpilot, and Sitejabber are a few review sites.

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